Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Resistance is futile

Missing Morley ( term has finished) I wanted to try some Procion dyeing using some of the resist techniques that I learned on the course.  I think,however, my dye stock has gone off, as these two pieces are supposed to be a deep , periwinkle blue.  While the masking tape resist has worked , the stitched resist shows almost no “resist” , so perhaps the thread was too fine.  Back to the dyeing board.

resist Procion dyeing 001resist Procion dyeing 002

On another note, how can it take 1.5 hours on the phone and on the web to find out if a tap is compatible with a gravity feed domestic system?  Before today, I didn’t even know that technical term.


  1. That sounds like the sort of thing husband says... He wouldn't understand your comments about resistance though - does that make me bilingual?

  2. Nice looking colour, though. Can we expect you to combine domesticity and dying, and be using baby rice, mashed potato and soya flour as resists, and gatorade or beetroot for dyes? And crucially, will be be investing in hands-free telephones so that you can at least stitch whilst trying to find out tap answers?


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