Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Transcontinental swapping

I am taking part in a sewing challenge organised by the incredible Kandy of British quilt List on Yahoo.  This month’s was to create a long, skinny, mini quilt, dimensions about 8 x 24 inches.  At the end of each 2 months, you can ask for a swap with one of the other quilts that have been submitted.  This was my submission for April / May.  Hand stamped and hand embroidered circles, bordered with a gift of fabric that had been indigo then Procion dyed.  This one is going north, but still staying in the UK,

 Skinny challenge 2 004 Skinny challenge 2 002 

And the one below is what I will be receiving this time…. all the way from Helen in Hobart in Tasmania.  Can’t wait.


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  1. At risk of gushing, I love the skinny, and the circles and the border fabric, and Helen's skinny!!!


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