Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sitting on a thistle

No Morley this week as on Wednesday we went to see Punt and Dennis at Richmond Theatre.  As funny as they are on Mock the Week and The Now Show.

Sewing this week has been mostly practical, with a project to re-cover the fraying back and seat of of a boring office chair, to turn that tattered duckling in to the swan below.  I did an upholstery course some years ago, and it was great to get back to the mallet, chisel and staple gun.

   Spring chair and postcard 025Spring chair and postcard 024

Spring chair and postcard 017


  1. An uncomfortable title - but a gorgeous result! Is the thistle flower stitched? Leaves painted? appliqued? Printed? Come on, share! We'd all love to be able to create something as wonderful as this!

  2. Hi Avril. Loving the chair. Have you seen this post? she has been doing machine embroidered zentangles!



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