Sunday, 2 August 2009

Summer journal - but there's no rain on it!

This is my summer journal quilt, called " Summer Twilight" for our quilt group challenge.
I've used a beautiful piece of silk from a kimono roll and various cottons to make the flowers. The large flowers are loosely attached to the fabric by the centres, the smaller ones are sewn on all round the edges.
The smaller ones were made with this technique ( you need to scroll down the entry to near the bottom), the larger ones were made with the technique mentioned a few posts ago.
Machine quilted with a walking foot and Sulky variegated thread, and bound with some torn strips of the silk fabric, with the frayed edges brought to the front.
The blue silk has a different appearance on the back and the front of the fabric and I've used these different sides on different pieces of the binding.
I really like how this has come out but I'm pondering on adding some beads to reflect the rain there has been in most of this summer's twilights!

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  1. Lovely, Avril - and putting me to shame as my summer journal, after a flying start, is still languishing the 'things to do soon' bowl!
    I think that the beads for rain would be entirely appropriate!


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