Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Stitching with my son

My son went to the Wetlands Centre with school this week and had to write, make or draw something inspired by the visit. As I wanted to do something with fabric, I persuaded him that we could adapt the logo for the centre into a fabric picture.

We used bondaweb, (and failed miserably at the mirror image, copy it backwards, and reverse it again thing that you have to do with bondaweb, particularly when you want to use both sides of the fabric).
He did very well at the cutting out and ironing on. We did a bit of a 3D effect by leaving the tops of the grasses free from the backing fabric. He then stitched round the edge with a metallic thread. the backing fabric is a lovely piece I got at the Region 1 bring and buy last weekend. I love the ripply effect on this.

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